Hey, I'm James
Hey, I'm James

Photographer | Adventurer | Creator

I LOVE creating things, and photography is a very natural way for me to express that. So is woodworking, playing guitar and creating businesses.

I’m a self taught photographer, raised on the Surf Coast of Australia, with nature and my environment being my biggest inspiration and a major part of my life. I love to travel and experience things that inspire me, meet interesting people and have deep soul satisfying philosophical conversations about the universe, magic, creativity, business, philosophy, and adventure.  I’m most at home connecting to nature through mountain biking, running, climbing, hiking, movement or meditation.

I’m only interested in working with people share similar values and depths of life, the magic, and the underlying connectedness of everything. People who love delicious organic food, inspiring places, quality over quantity and deep conversations. I treat clients like old friends and love connecting with new interesting people on my travels around the globe.

Feel free to drop me an email anytime
Cheers, James

Random Facts:

  • * Currently reading Marcus Aurelius – Meditations (Roman Emperor 161 AC)
  • * I spend time in the wilderness almost every day
  • * I’m obsessed with Mountain Biking and have biked all over Canada, USA and Australia
  • * I eat mostly Paleo, and am totally crazy for Raw desserts
  • * My spirit animal is the Hummingbird
  • * I spend half the year in Melbourne Australia and half in BC Canada
  • * I live on 5 acres in the bush, with a big veggie garden and plenty of space
  • * At 18, I toured the world with Xavier Rudd for 8yrs as his instrument technician, production & tour manager
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