Beyond my style and technique, my art is in capturing feeling and emotion. The layers of depth and magic that exist between all things, brought to the surface and instilled in every photograph. Intimate. Inspired. Intentional.
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    My clients want photography sessions that are intimate, connected and true to their values. They are after something different, something meaningful and value photography as a time-less form of capturing beauty, depth and magical moments. I believe in honesty, openness and authenticity and treat my clients like old friends.

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    Bon fires, forests, beaches, fields, barns, delicious food, laughs, deep philosophical conversation, music, love, magic and hugs. Mountain tops, private villas or mum's backyard, I shoot in places that both inspire myself and my clients. Inspired by our connection to the natural world, I always bring these elements into my work. As humans, we want to be reminded of moments that inspire us along our journey.

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    Photography is too often about capturing the surface and superficial layer. For me it is going deeper, peering into the soul, the unseen, and the connectedness we all feel. This is intentional photography and the foundation of what makes my work unique.

Have Cameras, Will Travel

My work takes me internationally, working with a wide range of clients from Universal Music to high-level CEO’s, health and wellbeing companies and everyone in between. I only shoot a limited number of weddings and Unions Of Love per year, to allow time to focus on other clients and projects.

I can’t put simply how I do what I do but a huge part is finding and capturing moments through feeling. The truth and essence within a person or a connection that sparks and is alive for a split second, when time stops, things fall silent and I feel it. That’s when I capture the magic.
Have Cameras, Will Travel

Packages and pricing for wedding and boudoir are below, but everything I do comes with the following.

    01. FILES & USB

    Unlike so many photographers, you actually get all the edited images. You can print them, make albums, send to friends and do as you please. Some packages come with the beautiful handmade wooden box package.


    Each shoot comes with your own private online gallery, allowing you to view all the images from the shoot, share with friends, clients, associates, and order prints and albums from.


    There are no hidden costs, watermarked-images, cheesy up-sells, or shady dealings. My honest and open advice comes free with any shoot.


My clients value quality over quantity, and after many years of shooting ‘full day packages’ with hundreds of images, I simply believe it is unnecessary for most people. Instead my focus is on the highest quality images taken during a concentrated effort. You simply don’t need a thousand images, it’s overwhelming and dilutes the uniqueness of capturing any event with an artistic eye.

Therefore I only offer 2 and 4hr packages for wedding and boudoir. I can work all of my magic in that amount of time and I guarantee it’ll be more quality images than you’ll know what to do with. For portrait and commissioned projects please email me for a quote.


This is my magic!
2hrs is the perfect amount of time to photograph a beautiful collection of images that will be more than enough for most people. Check out the blog posts tagged with 2hr weddings to see what is capable.

  • 2hr Coverage
  • 125+ Edited High-Res Images
  • Wooden USB & Box
  • Online Proofing Gallery


4hrs is more than enough time for a small intimate wedding, without having photography become a distraction from your day. I create an abundance of incredible images and capture all the goodness from the main events of the day. I shoot quality over quantity every time, and only focus on the very best images and memories (see what clients think below).

  • 4hr Photography Coverage
  • 250+ Edited High-Res Images
  • Wooden USB & Ritual Box
  • Online Proofing Gallery

Boudoir Portraits

Boudoir shoots are photographed 100% on film, for an experience unlike anything else. A long lost art of photographing intimate natural portraits of women using the simplicity of film cameras, and without the glamour of a traditional studio. For some it’s a playful beautiful experience to embody your true self and have images to love and honour yourself for years. For others it can be quite healing to truly be seen and witnessed exactly how you are. No glamour, no fancy lighting, no studio, and no barbie-doll makeup. The real, beautiful you.

  • 90min Experience
  • Up to 4 outfits/looks
  • 60+ Edited Images on USB
  • 100% Film Photography


Whether it is a handmade linen album, or fine art printing, everything I offer is of the highest standard in eco materials, craftsmanship and made with love. Only non-animal based materials are sourced and every effort is made to be as environmentally conscious and local as possible.

All prints & albums are either traditional photographic prints or fine art cotton rag.

  • Handmade Albums
    Handmade Albums
  • Fine Art Prints
    Fine Art Prints
  • 01.I heard you shoot film as well? How does that work?

    The purest love of photography for me comes from shooting film. Some clients still highly value the magic of having some of their images photographed on film and others don’t care as much. Therefore it is an optional extra at simply $200 per hour for wedding and Portrait, and quoted per commercial job. Please make a note when enquiring about a booking request.

  • 02.Where are you located and where will you shoot?

    I have travelled all over Canada, USA, Europe and Australia to photograph, and am always open to new places.

    Half the year I reside in a summer cabin in the misty coastal mountains of BC Canada, photographing, biking, hiking, climbing and paddling my way through old rain forests and mountains.

    The other half of the year I am about an hours drive from Melbourne Australia, on the south-west coast, close to the beach, family and great food.

  • 03.Do you accept Bartering and Trades?

    Yes absolutely. We all have magic to offer the world and each other, and I’m always open to discussing a value exchange that works for both of us. I have exchanged a range of things from electrical work to timeshare holidays, business coaching and handmade furniture. Send me an email and we can discuss in more detail.

  • 04.How long does it take for our photos to be ready?

    I’ve kept my timelines simple and quick, and will happily prioritise with food-based bribes:

    Commercial – 1-2 weeks
    Boudoir – 2 weeks
    Wedding – 6 weeks

    Please note film shoots require an additional 2 weeks.

  • 05.Do we need to decide on an album and prints upfront?

    Absolutely not.

    I can’t stand being sold stuff I don’t need, and wouldn’t wish the same upon anyone else. When you have received the images and had time to sit with them, it is your choice whether you want a DIY your own album or work with me to create something professionally made. No sweat.

  • 06.How does the day work, can you help us figure it all out?

    For sure.
    I’m definitely big on making a plan, and love to make sure things are organised prior to the day. Prior to the day I help you with allocating photography timing to cover the most important parts of the day. There are options for things like a “first look”, “unplugged wedding”, and shooting the majority of ‘couple’ photos before the ceremony so there is no break and allows for you to hang out with guests afterwards.

    Usually most people haven’t ever planned a wedding, so I’m happy to help where I can.

    I stick pretty close to my scheduled times, but will always be happy to hang out an extra 15mins or if I’m being fed some kind of delicious food. 🙂