Marine + Campbell
Marine + Campbell
December 19, 2016

“It was important to us for our marriage to to take place amongst nature and particularly the beach. We’re pretty down to earth and didn’t want the whole fuss that usually goes along with your typical wedding! We were just hoping for a really fun and memorable day, with our closest family and friends there to witness our marriage.

The day was absolutely magic! And it couldn’t have started off any better than shooting with James in amongst one of the most beautiful, serene spots by the coast. It was such a grounding experience, and brought Campbell and I even closer together. By the time we got to the ceremony, we were already having such a great time, and felt so blessed to stand in amongst our ‘circle of love’ and be surrounded by people who mean so much in our lives. That’s what a wedding really should be about – love!”
Marine + Campbell

Pt. Addiscot
Victoria, Australia

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