Shane + Aron Album
Shane + Aron Album
January 3, 2017

Albums are the best way to view photos, no kidding, they just make everything real and tangible. And the best part you can actually touch them and feel the weight of the work and the energy gone into the event. I offer 2 kinds of handmade albums: 8×10″ and 14×11″. The 8×10″ fits approx 50 images, while the 14×11″ fits around 75-125.┬áBoth come standard with 30 pages, however the larger album can have additional pages added, up to 60 pages.

This is a Custom Design Linen Album made for Shane + Aron and an example of using quite a lot of images without it feeling crammed.

14×11″. 40 Pages
Laser engraved cover
Matching storage box