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“Your days are numbered. Use them to throw open the windows of your soul to the sun. If you do not, the sun will soon set, and you with it.” ~ Marcus Aurelius

I love knowledge, and especially passing it onto others. Combining technique, business insight, self-awareness, and understanding light, it is my pleasure to help people do what they love. If you are after my photography pricing, head over to the INFO page.


    I've made the mistakes, taken hard roads, and built many businesses, and I understand what it takes to make it all work.


    18 years of photography (holy crap) has taught me a thing or two, and while I will always strive for my own self mastery, there are lots of short cuts to simple techniques that I wish I'd known many years ago.

    03. LIGHT

    Light is the simple most important photographic understanding, both in the physical realm of actually reading and metering light with your eyes. To the meta-physical understanding that we are all simply beings of light. Understanding both is what separates a person with a camera from someone that can truly "see".

1 on 1 Online Sessions

Photography + Business Coaching

Lets dive in and guide you with your business, from commercial to weddings, marketing to photography technique and skills. Time is too precious to waste flailing about.

1hr Skype/Phone Sessions
Portfolio Review
Business Direction & Marketing
*Available Worldwide

1 on 1 In-Person Coaching

Photography + Business Coaching

Over the duration of 2+hrs we will drink tea, dive deep into your work and business and hone in on your niche. What rocks your boat? What do you absolutely love to do? And how can you make great money doing it. I love these sessions, but be prepared to take your business to the next level and have your world blown open.

2hr In Person Coaching Session
Owning Your Niche // Portfolio Review
Business Direction // Personal Marketing
Tools & Techniques // Outsourcing & Resources

*Currently Available In Melbourne Australia

Mastery Program

For those who are ready to commit to stepping up their game to the highest level, I offer 4 mastery programs a year. I work closely with you for 6 months to develop your business, your art and your mastery.

Mastery Program // Owning Your Niche
Portfolio Review // Business Direction & Marketing
Tools & Techniques // Outsourcing & Resources

2hr Initial Exploration Session
12 x 1hr Phone Sessions Every even week
12 x 15min Phone Sessions Every odd week

Available Worldwide // Payment Plan Available
*By Application Only.

Boudoir Photography Workshop

We spend a full day diving into how to work with women with a framework that allows you to do it in your own way. Dropping all our fears and boundaries to really getting the shots we dream of. How to direct your subject so they still move naturally and don’t awkwardly pose. This is a very active workshop where you are encouraged to try ideas, work with a real subject and up your skills in directing from the heart.

Full Day Intensive Workshop
Boudoir Non-Model Included
Boutique Private Location

*Limited to 8 people // Enquire to find out next location.

School Talks

Inspire our future leaders to be more creative, walk their own path, and make better art? Hell yeah!
I’ve always followed my heart and dreams amongst the distractions, and created my reality around me. I strongly believe it is the creators, leaders, artists and designers of the future that will lead us into an evolved future.

By application
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