The Artist's Muse
The Artist's Muse
December 14, 2016

“To be a muse is to be a wonder in someone else’s eyes, flaws and all.” ~ L.S. Cosley

“James is still my favourite photographer, after 11.5 years of working with him, and now a dearest friend, and an utter inspiration. I’ve never felt more at ease and truly myself as I do in his presence, whether it be in front of his lens, or chatting over a fresh brewed chai tea! His work is not photoshopped, not airbrushed, and a significant portion is shot in film. He has taught me that it is the perfection within the imperfection that is the most beautiful.” – Claryssa

10 years ago a tall and beautiful innocent goddess came wondering into my world. Her presence relaxed my nervous excitement of exploring the art of photographing women in lingerie. It was her first ever lingerie shoot, but it wouldn’t be her last, especially not with me. We wandered around abandon buildings in the countryside capturing the light, emotion and excitement of exploring the unknown territories of making beautiful art. Every year since we have made images, laughed, cuddled, shared inspiration and stayed close. Our bond was instant and our souls felt nothing but love.

She is the only professional model that I ever really work with these days. (and she is a plus size model, if you can believe that…fashion is such a distorted industry)